General Hire Question:

Opening Hours:

Monday: 9-5pm

Tuesday: 9-5pm

Wednesday: 9-5pm

Thursday: 9-5pm

Friday: collection available between 9-2pm

Saturday:  by appointment only due to Wedding & Event Set Ups

Please call Steph on 8268 7717 or 0411 434 549 to arrangement a appointment time out of these hours

Can I pick the items up myself?

Yes, depending on the size of the order. Our collection times for weekend orders can be discussed with our staff when placing your order. Collection is from 5 Ledger Road, Beverley

When will my order be delivered and picked up?

For weekend orders, deliveries will be Thursday or Friday and pickup on the following Monday or Tuesday. There is no additional charge for having the items over this period. If you require your items at a different time please give us a call and we can organize different delivery times with you.

Do I have to return all items washed?

Yes, except linen. All goods must be returned to us in the same manner in which they were hire out. A cleaning fee will be incurred should the items be returned dirty.

Are you insured?

Yes, Aussie Party Hire holds a Public Liability Policy. We would be happy to provide a copy of the Certificate of Currency should you require this.

What are the payment methods?

We accept cash on or prior to delivery, Credit Card, or direct deposit 7 days prior to delivery

How Many Glass will i need for my event? 

Having enough glasses is vital. If you are setting your table with glasses it is easy to work out the right number but always allow a few extra as spares. For cocktail functions or pre-dinner drinks it is a bit more complex. On average allow 2 drinks per person for the first hour and around 1 for every hour after that. How many glasses you require will depend on how many you are prepared to wash during the function, what drinks are you serving and will you be using glasses to serve beer.

What is your delivery charge?

Our delivery charge is calculated on how far away the delivery is. Local delivery starts from $30.00 each way. Large deliveries, deliveries where more than one person is required and deliveries with difficult access will incur additional charges


Marquee & Pavilion Questions:

What size marquee/pavilion will I need for my event?

The size marquee/ pavilion you will need can vary depending on a number of factors:

  • Available space for your marquee in area provided
  • Guest Numbers– decide how many guests will be attending
  • Style of function- decide what style of function you will have- standing/cocktail style or seated. If you decide on seated you will then need to decide if you will seat people at round or long tables
  • Dance floor- consider if you would like to have room for a dance floor
  • Bridal table- if you are organizing a wedding decide if you would like a bridal table
  • Catering- if you are having a buffet style function then extra room will be needed for the buffet tables and also a bar area?

Can you erect a marquee/pavilion on a hard surface?

Yes, instead of using pegs we would use weights to hold the structure down. Weights do incur an extra charge

How many people can I seat at a table?

Tables are available in round or rectangular and come in a number of sizes. The number of guests that can be seated will depend on your place settings and the size of the crockery that you choose.

The maximum recommended for each table is:

  • 1.8m round table seats 10 people
  • 1.6m round table seats 8 people
  • 90cm round table seats 4 people
  • 2.4m rectangular table seats 10 people
  • 1.8m rectangular table seats 8 people

Whats the difference between a Marquee to a Pavilion?

A marquee is a traditional peg and pole tent. The ceiling slopes gently downward from a row of tall centre poles to the wall poles. Marquees use guy ropes to tension. If walls are hung from a line on the inside of the ceiling and held in place on the ground using small pegs. An event pavilion is definitely the premium option. Pavilions are the most flexible and stable form of temporary structure and are ideal for tight spots, they have no guy ropes so need virtually no clearance around its sides

Can i set a marquee/pavilion up myself?

Aussie Party Hire does not allow customers to install our marquees or pavilions. We have experienced staff that will install and dismantle for you

Does the marquee/pavilions come with walls?

Yes, our marquees / pavilions have the option of white or clear walls